Consultation Room - Dr. Mountcastle's Office

Consultation Room

Our spacious and comfortable consultation room is where every patient will tell their individual story of why they are seeking plastic surgery. Dr. Mountcastle will personally ask for a complete medical history, motivations behind the surgery and discuss the goals of the patients. After taking photos, Dr. Mountcastle will discuss the different surgical options of each procedure available, alternatives to surgery and explain all the options in procedures including the risks and benefits of each procedure and surgical techniques. We put every effort into not to overbooking appointment times so that you never feel rushed or pressured by our staff to make a decision. Having an informative experience, starting from your very first appointment is our ultimate goal at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Center. We also love open lines of communication. Dr. Mountcastle is one of the few plastic surgeons who has a direct access line 703-858-3208 x 6 to reach his business cell phones directly. He can also be reached via email at or via Text at 703-459-3787 during office hours on his office business cell. Direct access to our Doctor gives a more personalized and experience and never leaves our patients without their questions answered.