Breast Augmentation Silicone Implants with IMF Incision*

Procedure Details

A young patient came in to the office displeased with the size of her breasts, and wanted an enhancement that would give her overall larger breasts. She expressed her sense of self-consciousness in her smaller breast size and told Doctor Mountcastle she wanted larger size that would be noticeable in all types of clothing from a bathing suit all the way to a thick sweater. While the patient absolutely wanted more volume, she still desired a natural enhancement with a natural look. Given her case, we decided on 350cc silicone implants that were placed sub-muscular (under the muscle) through an IMF (Inframammary Crease located underneath the breast.) One pro of this method for augmentation is that it gives breasts a more natural look, which our patient wanted. Sub-muscular implants are also prescribed to smaller, leaner patients such as ours weighing 125 lbs at 5 foot 4 inches tall. Read below for pro's of a sub-muscular implant placement. Our patient was thrilled that her new breasts were perfectly perky with gorgeous natural volume!

Pro's: sub-muscular placement

  • Decrease risk of bottoming out
  • Decrease the risk of rippling --  the muscle does a good job of masking any of the implant attributes i.e. implant is less noticeable and visible to the eye
  • Provides more natural looking results
  • Less disruption to mamogram imagery  
  • This placement poses a safer and smarter option for patients getting an augmentation AND a breast lift, or considering a lift in the future due to the fact blood flow remains steady and healthy to the nipples.


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