HD Lashes with Lash Perm and Lift. Darker, Longer and Fuller Looking Lashes!*

Procedure Details

This patient was thrilled with her package treatment of her lash perm and lift! She originally had dirty blonde lashes that required mascara and a lash curler to give her the look she desired. After her treatment, she wrote to us telling how she rarely used mascara and could finally go naked-faced to the beach! This patient reported her lash perm lasted for 3 months, and when she returned for her next appointment she only touched up the tint because her volume still looked great! Individual patient outcomes vary, and the success and longevity are dependent on many factors such as the health of eyelashes, natural color, volume, etc. Check out our Youtube Channel to see this patient show off her perm and lift in a short video!

Complimentary Consultation

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