Spider Veins Versus Varicose Veins: What's the Difference?

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle | 08/27/2019

Don’t let unsightly veins cause you to feel uncomfortable about showing off your legs.


I Am Ready to Have My Veins Removed—Will Insurance Cover It?

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle | 08/23/2019

Do insurance plans cover spider and varicose vein removal? Here is what you need to know and how vein treatments are more than likely are covered.


Understanding Your Health Insurance

Mellisa Counselman | 05/14/2019

Insurance is confusing, especially if you aren't around it all day every day like we are.


Keloid Scar Treatment Options

Mellisa Counselman | 05/14/2019

Options to Address Keloid Scars are discussed


Office Surgery

Mellisa Counselman | 05/14/2019

Many people are hesitant to schedule surgery because they are anxious and do not know what to expect.


Varicose Veins

Mellisa Counselman | 05/14/2019

If you have varicose veins and are unsure what to do about them you have come to the right place.


Breast Augmentation 101

Julie Villa | 02/20/2019

Thinking about breast augmentation? Our nurse, Julie, answers our most frequently asked questions!


Cool-Sculpting vs. Sculp Sure vs. Vanquish vs. Zerona

Maria Foster | 02/07/2019

Do I get Cool-Sculpting or Sculp Sure, Vanquish or Liposuction? I am so confused? What is the best for me?


Microblading at Mountcastle Medical Spa

Ragan Riley | 09/20/2018

Ragan discusses the difference between permanent makeup and microblading!


Botox vs Dysport

Amy Herrmann | 08/15/2018

Which is the right injection for you!


Are at home microneedling and chemical safe and effective?

Maria Foster | 07/31/2018

Maria talks about the safety and effectiveness of at home microneedling and chemical peels.


The Perfect Peel

Maria Foster | 07/06/2018

Want perfect skin? Meet The Perfect Peel!


5 Tips For Choosing A Vein Doctor

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle | 06/15/2018

Not all vein doctors are equal! Learn why and get 5 tips to help you choose yours!


Stay Safe In The Sun!

Maria Foster | 06/12/2018

Stay safe in the sun this summer with Maria's recommended sunscreens!


Combination Treatments

Ragan Riley | 05/08/2018

Ragan Riley, our Licensed Master Aesthetician, discusses skin care and the importance of both in-office skin treatments and at home care.


Lets Be Proactive, before Melasma Attacks this Summer! Taking the Right Steps

Maria Foster | 05/01/2018

Be proactive and take the right steps before Melasma attacks this summer!


Introducing the newest additions to Mountcastle's filler family: Refyne & Defyne

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle | 03/20/2018

Two new fillers from the Galderma family are here!


Am I trying to be proactive in controlling signs of aging?

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle | 02/21/2018

Have you asked yourself this question:  Am I trying to be proactive in controlling signs of aging? 



Ragan Riley | 02/13/2018

What, in a nutshell, is CoolSculpting exactly?  And can you really reduce the size of problem areas on the body by freezing fat? 


Five reasons why NOW is the time to come in for a SmartLipo consultation

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle | 02/01/2018

We are here to tell you why NOW is the best time to come in and kick start that summer body you have always wanted.


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