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SmartLipo™ Overview

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle of Ashburn, VA offers the Smartlipo technology, a laser-assisted lipolysis that has provided positive outcomes for those wanting to slim problematic areas. Liposuction is a surgery that removes fat from the body less invasively. Dr. Mountcastle uses three intense calibrated lasers to target fat cells through the top layer of the skin, heating and melting the fat into liquid, which is then removed. Smartlipo also generates the production of new collagen formation, which results in healthier, tighter looking skin as an added bonus. 

How Smartlipo is Performed

During this procedure, a tiny incision is made into the skin so that a cannula with an attached laser can be inserted under the surface. The surgeon will move this device back and forth under the skin using a red laser light for guidance. The fat cells hit with the laser will swell, pop and liquefy, then will be removed. For smaller areas, the body will naturally absorb the liquid. During this procedure, the laser also triggers collagen production, which helps to tighten and tone the skin. 

SmartLipo™ During/After Surgery

All Smartlipo procedures are performed in an accredited surgical facility. The type of anesthesia used will depend on the size of the area being treated. Smaller areas such as the hips may be done using a local anesthesia, which will isolate the body part. General anesthesia may be used if multiple areas are being treated (depending on patient size). In terms of recovery, there is less bleeding and bruising compared to traditional liposuction. Most individuals will begin seeing results within the same week. However, it can take up to 6 full weeks for the optimal results to become visible.  

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Best Areas to Treat?

Smartlipo is ideal for the arms, neck, hips, love handles (flanks) and other areas where skin laxity has decreased slightly and fat has accumulated. Some areas of the body may have better results with traditional liposuction. The areas to be treated will be assessed during the initial consultation so the appropriate technique can be used and optimal results can be attained. 

Will There be a Scar?

There is minimal (if any) scarring with Smartlipo. This is because the procedure does not require any stitches. The incisions used for the laser are very tiny and typically heal without any scarring.

Will the Fat Come Back?

With Smartlipo, fat cells will be permanently destroyed. However, just like with any weight loss, new fat cells can develop if you do not adhere to a consistent diet and exercise regime. This is recommended so the results can be long-lasting.

Will I Lose Weight?

Once all of the targeted fat has been dissolved and removed, then yes – you will lose weight. However, Smartlipo, or any other liposuction technique, is not a treatment for being overweight. Patients should be as close to their goal weight as possible before considering any liposuction procedure. 

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