Laser Lipo Part 1 of 6

Dr. Mountcastle demonstrating the process of Laser Lipo. SHOW MORE When you're injecting your tissue you're doing it in two levels. You're doing a deep injection down to deep tissue then you're bringing up closer to the skin. Can you see the kind of bubbles and then you see how the skin kind of changes color? The other thing you're going to notice when you inject is the skin will turn white. There's epinephrine in the solution that's going to cause ways of constriction and cause no bleeding. After about five minutes the skin will turn white and that lets you to two things: you're not [inaudible 00:00:28] bleeding and you're completely numb. It kind of colors codes the skin, so that's the beauty of it. We always do a little skin wheel here at the beginning. A little pinch here again, one. A little pinch here, number two. Can you see those little pinches there kind of? Then you make your little incision on both sides there, and then you ... Then you numb. So I'm numbing deep first. Then you can numb superficially.