Laser Hair Reduction In English and Spanish By Master Aesthetician At Mountcastle Medspa

Maria Foster is one of our Master Aestheticians here at Mountcastle Medical Spa and Laser Center. Here, she performs a Laser Hair Removal treatment on one of her patients and overviews the process in both English and Spanish.


Maria Foster:    Hi. This is Maria, of Dr. Malcaso's medical staff. Today we're gonna do a second treatment of laser hair removal for my dear patient Melanie. Melanie mentioned to me that she has already noticed 40% of improvement from just one treatment. So let's get ready. We're gonna do her second treatment. We are actually treating the sideburns, chin, and upper lip. Okay. Gonna start. Ready? One, two, three. You okay there?

Melanie:            Yes.

Maria Foster:    So after the procedure, Melanie's just gonna have a little bit of redness. And in seven to ten days, she's gonna notice that she's gonna start losing some of the hair that I treated today. And I will see Melanie again in four weeks. When I do laser hair removal from the neck up, like the face, I need to see patients every four weeks. From the neck down - underarms, bikini, arms, back - I need to see patients every six to eight weeks for optimal results.