Four Burning Questions Patients Have

One of our awesome nurses, Kaitlin Buehler, addresses four of the most frequently asked questions by patients when they're in office. Scar Cream, Injectables, and more! Call our office if you have additional questions you want to ask our clinical staff!


Hi, my name's Kaitlin. I'm one of Dr. Mountcastle's nurses. I'm here to answer a few of the questions that we receive on a daily basis. One of the major questions that we get asked is: am I going to have a scar? For that, anytime that we make any sort of incision, we will have a little bit of a scar, but we do our best to place them in areas where they heal better. We offer various scar creams. And we use a lot of really great sutures. Anytime we make an incision on the tissue, there's separation. In order for that to come back together, there's going to be a little bit of a scar. Another question that we get asked often is: do we offer scar creams? The answer is yes. We recommend BioCorneum. We sell it at our front desk. 

After your procedure, you are more than welcome to purchase it, or you can purchase it after your suture removal. It is a silicone-based scar cream that also is a sunscreen. You can use this sunscreen/scar cream twice a day for two to three months to help with the visibility of a scar. This only usually works on newer scars and not anything that's older than six months. How long will my procedure take? is usually another question we get. Most oftentimes, Dr. Mountcastle and our staff can facilitate a 30-minute visit. This includes an interview with a nurse or a PA and the procedure from Dr. Mountcastle himself. Afterwords, we go over post-operative care and how to properly take care of your sutures if you happen to have any. After that, we see you back in one to two weeks depending on where your sutures are placed.

One more question we get is: do we offer any injectables or any cosmetic injectables at our location? Yes, we do. However, most of those are done out of our medical spa, which is on our first floor. We have wonderful injectors who have been practicing this for years. We are a Black Diamond facility, and we offer a wide variety of injectables. We also have a pamphlet of information regarding all of our products and how long they last and what they are used for. Feel free to pick up any sort of pamphlet that we have at our front desk about the injectables.