What is CoolSculpting? - Mountcastle Plastic Surgery - Ashburn, VA

By freezing and eliminating fat cells beneath the skin, CoolSculpting dissolves fat as a non-surgical substitute to liposuction.

About CoolSculpting

My name is Ragan Riley and I am a master esthetician here at Mountcastle Med Spa and I'm going to tell you more about the Coolsculpting procedure today.

Coolsculpting is for areas of stubborn fat that just won't seem to go away. Coolsculpting does give our patients fat reduction, long-lasting results, no down time, and noninvasive, which really is the beauty of it, being able to reduce fat in certain areas without that downtime. 

We usually schedule people 12 to 16 weeks after because that's when people see full results. Each time we treat an area with Coolsculpting, it will reduce by about 20 to 25%. We love seeing ... looking at pictures, befores and afters of patients and just seeing their reaction, how great they look now, and how happy they are with the area.