CoolSculpting Demonstration

Hi, I'm Amy. I'm here today with Janice. We're performing the CoolSculpting procedure by ZELTIQ. CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive way to reduce fat on the abdomen, the flanks, the inner and the outer thighs. The first thing that we do when somebody comes in for CoolSculpting is we're going to make a series of markings on them so that I know where we need to put the applicator on. We're looking at Janice here today. We're going to be using the large applicator for her lower abdomen. I always make a little mark right in the center. This is typically the peak of the fat. We do have to make it symmetrical so I'll do one on each side. This helps me know exactly where the center of my applicator needs to be when I apply the CoolSculpting applicator. We now have Janice in the chair. We're about to get the CoolSculpting procedure started. The first thing we're going to do is get a cold gel pad on her abdomen. The gel pad is going to protect her skin from the applicator so that there's no chance of any kind of skin burn. On three, one, two, three. This is going to be very cold. One of the most important things during this portion of the procedure is making sure all the air bubbles are nice and smoothed out. It'll take me just a second here to get all those smoothed out. We're going to go ahead and activate the suction. I'm just going to lightly hover it over her abdomen here. What I'm doing is just making sure that I am centered with that mark that we made earlier. On three, one, two, and three. There's that push and the suck. This first three or four minutes is a pretty intense pinching, sucking feeling. You doing okay Janice? Janice: Yep. Amy: Once I place the applicator on and I make sure the patient's okay we're going to go ahead and activate the cooling panels. Now that we have the CoolSculpting applicator on Janice she's going to sit here for the next hour. It will freeze her fat. In an hours time we'll take everything off, massage the area out, and what will happen is her body should go through a natural cell destruction process so all her healthy cells will attack all her dead fat frozen cells and she should get about a 20% reduction of fat in the area. We're back here with Janice. She's been sitting here for an hour with the CoolSculpting machine hooked up. We're going to go ahead and get everything taken off now. The first thing I'm going to do is release the suction, and then I just slightly slide my finger in each side. What this does is just loosen it up, and then I just give one big tug. set that over here. Then I'm going to take my gel pad off here. What I want to do now is massage the area. The massage over the next two minutes is very, very important because what that helps do is some of those dead fat frozen cells knock out some of those other healthy cells to just help with that reduction of fat in the area. As I'm massaging the area now Janice is going to feel this start to come back to room temperature. She may actually experience a little bit of a stinging, burning feeling which usually resolves itself in the next two or three minutes or so. Right now everything is, as it's coming back to room temperature and settling out, you can see her skin is just looking a little bit red. She may have a little bit of slight bruising or none at all actually, yeah. This massage is really just in place to help even everything out, bring that skin back, massage out that frozen fat. Our next step with Janice would be to actually apply the applicator right over here on her left side since we did the right side with the large applicator. The next thing we'd do is just add that right side on going through the same procedure starting with that cold gel pad and then getting her hooked up to the machine.