Lets talk CoolSculpting with Amy

Cool Sculpting has become really popular in the last three to four years I would say because it gives patients an option to reduce their fat with little to no down time. So comparing it to laser liposuction, which can also be done in the office, but you know you have a lot more down time to it, there's little incisions, there's a little bit more risk involved. Cool Sculpting you can come in, sit for anywhere from one to four hours depending on how many areas you're doing. You know leave out of here, walk out by yourself. You don't need a driver, you don't need to take any medication before you come in. You're waking out of here feeling the same way that you did when you walked in. To recover from cool sculpting you're looking at maybe a week or so of discomfort in the area that we work on. Nothing to where it would require any kind of pain medication. What you can do is take ibuprofen to help with any kind of discomfort, but for the most part there's really no down time to it. You walk out of here feeling the same exact way as when you walked in. The charge for Cool Sculpting is typically by area. If you were looking to do, you know lower abdomen is typically one area, upper abdomen is an area, flanks is also an option. So flanks is typically your love handle area. We always do inner thighs, outer thighs, so those are all the main areas that we use for Cool Sculpting. All of those do have FDA approval as well, so the cost per procedure is normally around a thousand or so per area. If people decide they want to do more than one area at a time there's always an option for a multiple area discount as well. For Cool Sculpting there's really little risk involved as you saw when I put the applicator on Janis, I used that cold gel pad. That cold gel pad really eliminates any kind of risk for anything, for any skin burn, it protects that skin from that applicator so that there's no chance of us freezing the actual skin. We're just penetrating those fat cells.