Botox - Glabella & Forehead Botox Injections

For this segment we are going to be injecting BOTOX into the forehead. Here to help us today is my mother, Mary. Again, to recap here, the forehead is also called frontalis muscle. When treating the frontalis muscle, it is very important to know that you do need to treat the glabella muscle here, as well. Now, looking at my mom's glabella muscle here, you can tell that it's really not that deep, and you can't see lines at rest. What we don't want to do is inject the forehead, and then cause her eyebrows to drupe down, just like that. Which, would happen if we don't counteract it by putting, not too much, but just a little bit of BOTOX here in the center. As we start the injections into the forehead, and glabella, it's very important that we start by cleansing the skin with an alcohol swab. Great, so we'll have you scrunch down real hard for me. Good. Go ahead and relax. Little pinch, there's one. Scrunch down for me real hard. Good. Go ahead and relax. Scrunch down real hard. Good, relax. Scrunch down. Turn towards me slightly. Go ahead and scrunch down. Good. Go ahead and relax. Go ahead and scrunch down, and relax. So what I'm doing when I'm asking her to scrunch down is, I'm looking at exactly where the muscle lies, so that I make sure that I inject the BOTOX right into the muscle. Now we're going to do the upper forehead. Go ahead and lift your forehead up. Just like that, perfect. Go ahead and relax. I put my finger here to make sure that I don't inject the lower two thirds of the forehead. Go ahead and lift up, and relax. When injecting the forehead, I'm injecting right into the muscle belly, not into the actual lines. Go ahead and lift up, and relax ... And relax. Lift up, and relax. Turn towards me a little bit. Lift up. Good, and relax. I always like to put an injection just right above the brow here, so that the eyebrows don't elevate too much. Turn towards me. Lift up, and relax. Lift up one more time, and relax. Now, we just treated the upper two thirds of the forehead here. Where my finger is lying, right here, you never want anybody to inject you because this can cause the eyebrow to drop down. After injections of BOTOX into the glabella, and the forehead area, we typically have our patients make sure that they do not lie down, or exercise for the next four hours. We also like everybody to come back for a two week follow up, and as this is my mom, we know that she'll definitely make it here for her follow up.