Tummy Tuck Northern Virginia

A tummy tuck is for basically any patient from someone who's had a number of children, to someone who's had a large weight-loss from either surgery, or from just being able to lose the weight on their own. Patients who have extra skin, that is the patient who has, is an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck, or someone who has a large amount of stretch marks in pregnancy. Tummy tuck is also for patients who have had, worked out and tried to get rid of those trouble areas and just can't do it. You can remove that extra bit of skin or fat that they just can't get rid of no matter how much exercise they do. The surgery takes around two to three hours, recovery time is approximately one to two weeks. It's a little bit longer than most of the other surgeries 'cause it's a much bigger surgery. In general, patients are getting back to their normal activity, but there's a lot more swelling and they do have to have something called drains placed which can be a little bit cumbersome do deal with in the post operative period. Patients who have tummy tucks are just ecstatic, and they come back in able to fit into that dress or that skirt that they were unable to fit into. Or just getting rid of that little bit of extra tissue that they have been in the gym feverishly working out, and now they finally have that flat abdomen.