BOTOX - Botox and Fillers Northern Virginia

Botox and fillers are for people who are seeking kind of a facial rejuvenation without actually going through with a surgery. Botox is great for wrinkles along the forehead and around your eyes with very minimally invasive. It's just tiny needle pricks which most people are very comfortable with bearing. Fillers are a good way to add volume to your face without having a facelift. It can add volume around your nasolabial folds, you can do cheeks, you can fill in your forehead lines. What's great about these procedures is you can come in and get your Botox in and out in about 15, 20 minutes. You can come in and get your fillers in about 30 minutes and you're right back out. Fillers usually kick in right then. You'll have sometimes a little bit of swelling and bruising afterwards but typically you see your results almost immediately. Botox kicks in about two days to two weeks. With Botox very minimal bruising. Fillers maybe a little bit more. I've done Botox on people from age 18 to people in their mid 60's. Everybody is just ecstatic afterwards. They love it. It's something people come back for.